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Selayang Capitol Complex

The whole Complex comprises of 304 Shop lot units  including a Cineplex (3 theatres), Sky Hotel with 73 rooms,  Anchor lots ( 5 units each above 25000 square feet) and a car park with 382 bays  at the 1st ,2nd and 3rd Floor rear segments and an open area rooftop. Parking at the complex is free at the moment. The Cineplex is operated by the Lotus Five Star Group and the other anchor lots are occupied by Entertainment Outlets (Snooker & Karaoke) Kbox.

The Complex is suitably located for an array of food outlets with a vast catchment area. Several units are now available for lease/rental  

Selayang Capitol is currently in the process of carrying out renovation works to improve it's image.

Interested parties can contact the management corporation.

Updated Dated : 30th August 2013

Sky Hotel @ 3rd Floor

Kbox @ Ground

Pengantin Eksklusif.

Snooker @ Lower Ground

Lotus Five Star Cenima.